Breville Coffee Machine Errors

Breville Coffee Machine Errors, Troubleshooting & Way To Fix

Breville coffee machine errors can be found in this post. The ubiquitousness of Breville coffee makers in today’s homes and businesses is a testament to the brand’s widespread acceptance. Errors are inevitable during use.

CentralParkWestCafe lists Breville coffee machine faults, including Breville Cafe Roma and Breville VCF011 machines, and how to fix them.

Breville Coffee Machine Errors:

Breville Coffee Machine Errors
Breville Coffee Machine Errors

The Breville espresso machine is one of several home pieces of equipment that can be fixed if you know what to do. The first step is to pinpoint the specific mistake and look it up in the following table:




  1. Noisy Breville Coffee Maker:

Most modern coffee makers are equipped with a silent operating mechanism. However, there may be an issue with the gadget if the noise it makes is both excessive and persistent.

If there’s not enough water to brew coffee, the machine’s engine will create noise.
  • Now check the coffee maker’s water level. 
  • If water remains, your coffee machine needs a pump. Replacing the pump increases pressure, improving coffee extraction.
2. Slow-flowing Breville coffeemaker:

The drip flow of the coffee will determine its taste. If your coffee takes a long time, check the machine.

  • Coffee powder generally causes it. When the coffee powder is too fine, water cannot permeate it, slowing the disintegration process and making a great cup of coffee.
  • If the coffee powder sticks together, the flavor will change.
Next time you prepare coffee, pick a drier coffee powder by paying closer attention to it.
3. Fast-flowing Breville coffee machine:

As was previously noted, the coffee’s aroma and flavor are affected by how quickly it pours into the cup. The coffee will taste less if it flows too slowly and out too rapidly.

Too much water to powder might generate fast-flowing coffee. 

Your completed coffee is light, weak, and doesn’t smell like coffee.

To make the greatest coffee, you need to consider water and powder amounts.
4. Breville’s milking nozzle heat is too low:

You can thank the spout for the perfect blend of flavors in your coffee. 

The milk won’t be properly whipped and your coffee won’t taste well if the heat emitted is too low.

If your faucet doesn’t provide enough heat, it may be clogged. Clean the Breville milking nozzle.
5. Breville’s handle leaks water:

Having a product that leaks water is not the fault of whoever made it. 

It’s happening when you’re using it, and it might be because you’re using it wrong or for too long.

Cracked, fractured, or otherwise damaged rubber seals are the root cause of water leaks. The Breville coffee maker needs the right rubber gasket.
6. Steam Wand Weak: If the steam wand makes you feel weak, stop using it. Rest the machine and clean and examine the faucet. The vent hose should be clean. The sniffer will perform better after adjusting the steam.
7. Temperature instability during brewing:

A computerized temperature control is included in each coffee maker.

This controller lets users swiftly alter the temperature. For hot coffee, you must inspect and replace the thermostat.

Breville VCF011 Troubleshooting:

Breville VCF011 Troubleshooting
Breville VCF011 Troubleshooting

Even though the Breville VCF011 series is widely regarded as the greatest coffee maker available, mistakes may and will happen. Don’t worry, CentralParkWestCafe will detail Breville VCF011 coffee machine issues and how to solve them:



  • The Breville VCF011’s orange power indicator doesn’t work.
Verify that the item is connected to a standard electrical outlet. 

To turn the gadget on or off, use the front-mounted toggle switch. First, make sure the plug’s fuse is not blown.

  • Breville VCF011 ready light doesn’t work
Currently, the temperature of the gadget is too low for it to function normally. About 5 minutes is needed for this procedure.
  • The machine stops preparing a cappuccino.
There’s no more milk in the bottle. Fill the tank and stop the control dial. 

There’s no water in the tank. Fill the tank with 300ml clean water. Turn it back on, let it heat up, then make the cappuccino.

  • Cappuccino isn’t hot
Don’t start brewing until the machine has reached optimal temperature. When producing a huge quantity of cups, this is crucial. When the device has reached its proper working temperature, the green/orange-ready light will turn on.
  • Dark milk appears in the cappuccino
System cleaning is needed. Instead of washing with clean water, use warm water with bicarbonate of soda. If this doesn’t work, rinse off the liquid. After at least four clean water flushes to eliminate detergent.
  • Coffee beans adhere to the hopper.
Sometimes this occurs when there is too much steam. Put the funnel away and clean it. Delay further use until totally dry. A tiny quantity of steam may ascend to the hopper after the cycle has finished. As you could expect, this is totally typical.
  • The machine makes a lot of noise when turned to CLEAN
Maybe there’s a bit of a vacuum in there. This occurs on rare occasions. After a few of seconds, the machine will self-clean, and the cappuccino will brew regularly.
  • After stopping the dial, milk drips from the pipe.
When you press the STOP button, any milk still in the pipe won’t be pushed into the machine.
  • Radiator cap steams
Tighten the radiator cap completely to avoid overheating.
  • Readiness indicator flashes.
Thermostats are used in the machinery to keep the internal environment constant. As expected, the machine’s lights will turn on and off as needed.

Breville Cafe Roma Troubleshooting:

Breville Cafe Roma Troubleshooting
Breville Cafe Roma Troubleshooting

Repair and troubleshooting procedures for various coffee maker models might vary.


The reason might be

Espresso doesn’t flow
  • Neither the machine nor the power to it is on.
  • The water supply has run dry.
  • The phase knob does not turn on.
  • You’re using too fine of a grind on the coffee.
  • There’s much too much coffee for the espresso machine’s filter basket.
  • The filter basket has been disengaged.
Espresso goes quickly
  • The coffee has been ground too coarsely.
  • There is insufficient coffee in the filter.
Espresso pours around the filter bag
  • The incubator’s filter basket holder lacks a securely fitted handle.
  • The rim of the filter is caked with espresso grinds.
  • An excessive amount of coffee has been filtered through.
  • The pressure used to brew coffee is excessive.
Too cold espresso
  • There was no preheating of the device.
  • Not even the filter basket gets warmed up before use.
  • Don’t have enough heat to scald the milk (if making cappuccino or latte).
No crema
  • The espresso is soft.
  • Don’t use a fine enough grind for the espresso.
  • Espresso beans in a freshly brewed cup of coffee are a sign of staleness.
Espresso without crema or watery There is too much coarseness in the espresso grind (use ground coffee for the espresso machine)

Breville Coffee Machine Tips:

The following cleaning and descaling procedures should be followed while operating a Breville coffee maker to ensure its longevity, enhance its coffee’s flavor, and keep its users safe:

  • The water level in the tank should be checked often.
  • When the prompt reads “Empty me,” the tray’s contents should be emptied.
  • A “Clean me” alert requires you to stop the machine, if it’s running, and fill the tank with water. The next step is to place a cleaning tablet into the Cleaning Disc and then insert the Cleaning Disc into the filter lever. You maintain the filter lever in place by placing it on top of the cluster and rotating it ever-so-slightly. To turn on the device from the Off state, press and hold the Power button. Once the tank is empty, the machine will stop cleaning automatically. 
  • Make sure the hopper of the coffee grinder is clear by giving it a quick cleaning. The raw coffee beans must be of high quality, meaning they are free of debris and oil. 
  • Cotton in water filters should be checked every 2 months.

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