Can You Drink Coffee With Durian?

Can You Drink Coffee With Durian? The Answers Is No

Can You Drink Coffee With Durian? Are you trying to pair coffee and durian but unsure if they go well together?

Let’s find out by reading this article.

What Exactly Is Durian Fruit?

Durian is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia that has earned the moniker “King of Fruits.” Durian has more nutrients than most other fruits while having a quite thick and powerful flavor. Durian is widely consumed throughout the world’s tropical regions, particularly in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

What Exactly Is Durian Fruit?
What Exactly Is Durian Fruit?

Durian is said to feel like a combination of tastes, including caramel, cheese, almond, and garlic. Due to its overpowering odor, some Southeast Asian hotels and public transportation systems have banned it.

You can watch this video below to know more: 

What Can Durian Fruit Be Processed Into?

What Can Durian Fruit Be Processed Into?
What Can Durian Fruit Be Processed Into?

Durian is frequently chosen in Southeast Asian cuisine to be processed into sweet or savory meals at home. Although the durian’s seeds and flesh are both edible, the latter must be cooked first. 

This fruit is frequently prepared in the following ways:

  • Soup.
  • Juice.
  • Durian seeds, boiled or roasted.
  • Candy, ice cream, or other treats.
  • Side dishes.

Additionally, durian is used in conventional medicine and has some therapeutic properties.

Can You Drink Coffee With Durian?

Can You Drink Coffee With Durian?
Can You Drink Coffee With Durian?

Though many other items, like chocolate, coconut, eggs, and coconut, may be mixed with coffee,… And do you think coffee and durian go well together?

The answer is NO. Due to the high sulfur content of durian and the presence of caffeine, aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme activity is inhibited in coffee with caffeine. This is the cause of the body’s inability to digest 70% of the oxidants present in cells.

Durian and coffee consumption together can lead to heart and blood vessel issues, which is bad for the users’ health.

7 Foods To Avoid When Eating Durian?

7 Foods To Avoid When Eating Durian?
7 Foods To Avoid When Eating Durian?

Many people love durian, however, for certain people, consuming durian along with some great forbidden foods might be quite harmful to their health. Because durian may produce chemicals that are bad for your health, not all food go well together. 

The following foods should never be combined with durian:

1. Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb:

Seafood Food
Seafood Food

As opposed to meats like beef, chicken, and pork, which are high in protein, durian contains a lot of sugar and fat. If they are mixed, the amount of cholesterol in circulation will rise, overburdening the blood vessels.

2. Seafood Food:

Seafood Food
Seafood Food

Eating seafood food and durian together is frowned upon since they are opposites in temperature and will give you a chilled stomach, diarrhea, and other digestive problems.

3. Spiced up with heat:

The combination of two hot food will make the body heated, resulting in acne and constipation. Hot spicy foods like garlic and chile not only lessen the flavor of durian but also have hot qualities.

4. Lychee:

Lychee and longan, which are hot fruits, should not be consumed with durian, much like hot spices. This combination quickly raises body temperature and even blood pressure.

5. Cow’s Milk:

One highly nutritious beverage is cow’s milk, however, it should never be consumed after consuming durian. When durian is consumed and then followed by cow’s milk, it may cause mild discomfort, but in more extreme cases, it may result in poisoning and raised blood pressure.

To preserve your health, you should wait 8 hours to drink cow’s milk after consuming durian.

6. When drinking beer or alcohol:

There isn’t any conclusive scientific proof that consuming durian with beer or alcohol has any health hazards. However, due to the high fiber and carbohydrate content of durian, some people develop indigestion, heartburn, gas, and bloating after eating it. Alcohol is hot, thus it makes sense that mixing durian with alcohol is not a good idea. The body’s yin and yang may become unbalanced when durian and alcohol are consumed together.

This syndrome poses significant health concerns by aggravating pre-existing illnesses including cardiovascular disease. If you consume durian while drinking beer or alcohol, your body will produce a lot of heat, which could make your heart beat faster, give you a headache, or make you more dangerous if you have a history of diabetes, high blood pressure,…

Drinking alcohol with durian can be extremely problematic for diabetics due to the durian’s high carb, calorie, and fiber content.

7. Mangosteen:

Mangosteen is frequently thought of as a cooling fruit that might help lessen the heat brought on by durian. There is, however, no empirical evidence to support this. Because durian and mangosteen are both high in cellulose, eating them together can result in a clogged gut and constipation because they absorb water and swell in the intestines and stomach.

Who Shouldn’t Consume Durian?

Who Shouldn't Consume Durian?
Who Shouldn’t Consume Durian?

Although durian is tasty and healthy, not everyone can consume it. Here are 5 categories of people you should avoid using durian:

1. High Blood Sugar Patients:

According to statistics, durian has a very high sugar content of 13%, which is five times more than that of watermelon. Fruit sugar is quickly turned into glucose, and if too much sugar is taken, it will turn into fat and build up in the body. 

Therefore, diabetics ought to stay away.

2. Skin Disease Sufferers:

Fruits with high tonic and hot characteristics include durian. Skin issues are quite taboo, so take note. Eating durian will exacerbate any existing skin redness.

3. Patients With Heart Disease And Stroke:

Durian will produce capillary obstruction, which in extreme situations can result in blood vessel rupture, stroke, and other occurrences, hence it is not recommended for all people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. You shouldn’t let this patient eat.

4. Ovarian Cyst Patient:

The heat and nutrients in durian easily encourage ovarian cysts to grow, which compresses other parts of the ovary and can result in bleeding or even torsion of the cyst, which is fatal. As a result, eating durian is off-limits to those who have ovarian cysts.

Advice For Eating Durian:

Advice For Eating Durian
Advice For Eating Durian

You must bear the following in mind to maintain both your health and the delectable flavor:

  • To maintain health and avoid weight gain, eat durian in moderation, up to 2 packs per day, 1 to 2 times per week.
  • Put the durian in the freezer, let it thaw for approximately 30 minutes until it is soft, and then enjoy it for a nutritious summertime snack. Durian at this time is sweet, plush, aromatic, and highly meaty.
  • The best way to consume durian fruit is to pair it with cool fruits like pineapple, dragon fruit, or melon in order to maximize its nutritional content and temper its “hotness.”

FAQs about Durian:

FAQs about Durian
FAQs about Durian

1. Fruit Durian’s Nutritional Value:

The fruit durian is very nutrient-dense and high in fiber, vitamins, and other plant compounds that are good for your health. Durian in 243 grams will contain:

  • 357 calories.
  • 9 grams of fiber.
  • 66 grams of carbs.
  • 13 grams of fat.
  • 4 grams of protein.
  • 38% of the DV for vitamin B6 (daily nutritional value).
  • 80% of the DV for vitamin C.
  • 61% of the DV for thiamine.
  • 30% of DV for potassium
  • 39% of the DV is manganese.
  • 29% of the DV for riboflavin.
  • 22% of the DV is in folate.
  • 13% of the DV for niacin.
  • 25% of DV for bronze.

The nutritional profile of durian has helped it to become one of the world’s most nutrient-dense fruits. Additionally, it includes healthy plant substances like carotenoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

2. After consuming durian, what can you eat?

Although eating durian by itself and savoring its natural flavor is the most usual practice, there are several excellent foods to mix with durian if you want to increase your consumption:

  • Tropical fruits – as durian is a tropical fruit in and of itself, pairing it with tropical fruits like papaya, mango, or lychee makes perfect sense.
  • Desserts: Due to its flavor being similar to vanilla, durian pairs well with desserts like cream cakes, crepe cakes, cheesecakes, and even ice cream.
  • The most traditional way to eat durians is with sticky rice.


This page is the response to your query about whether or not to drink coffee with durian. CentralParkWestCafe hopes that the relevant information we have gathered above has given you further insight into why eating durian is good for your health and the health of your family.

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