Can You Put Miralax In Coffee?

Can You Put Miralax In Coffee/Milk? Things You Must Know

You might have been given Miralax as a treatment for constipation and uncomfortable bowel movements, which are typically accompanied by stomach pain. Since not everyone likes this flavor, you’ve come to the right site if you’ve been wondering, “Can you put Miralax in coffee?“. Yes, Miralax can be combined with both hot and cold beverages such as coffee, iced tea, and so on. But it’s a part! To know details, read below!

What Is Miralax?

Overview Of Miralax
Overview Of Miralax

Miralax (polyethylene glycol) is an osmotic laxative medicine that contains the osmotic agent polyethylene glycol 3350 to treat infrequent constipation episodes. Osmotic laxatives, as their name suggests, are drugs that maintain water in your colon by drawing it there.

Your stool becomes softer and more hydrated as a result, which leads to more bowel movements and a decrease in constipation. Furthermore, Miralax clears your system without having any negative effects on your digestive system.

Miralax is a powder that has no flavor, color, or odor. Any noncarbonated drink can be combined with it.

Miralax is used to treat chronic constipation over the long term as well as short-term constipation. Let’s examine how well Miralax performs in various therapies.

  • Miralax is used as a short-term therapy to ease the symptoms of occasional constipation. The medication’s effectiveness, however, takes 1 to 3 days to kick in.
  • Treatment for long-term chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC): The American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) found that the drug Miralax reduces the symptoms of CIC. Given that it encourages regular bowel movements, lessens stains, and restores normal stool consistency, Miralax is in this scenario more beneficial than a placebo. Regular use of Miralax also aids in the reduction of flatulence, bloating, burping, and stomach pain.
  • Treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Miralax appears to be ineffective at treating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, despite its success in treating constipation symptoms.

Can You Put Miralax In Coffee?

Can You Put Miralax In Coffee?
Can You Put Miralax In Coffee?

Yes. It is possible to add Miralax to your coffee. Numerous studies demonstrate that consuming Miralax with coffee enhances the laxative effects of the drug. Coffee also stimulates the muscles in your colon and intestines to contract, which forces bodily fluids into your rectum, the last part of the digestive tract.

When taken as directed, Miralax often works effectively with few side effects. However, adults with underlying problems and children need to be treated with extra caution.

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Can you put MiraLAX in milk?

We often receive the question “Can I put Miralax in milk?”.

In fact, MiraLAX can be dissolved in milk. So, MiraLAX can be mixed with milk.

Every drink, whether hot or cold, can be mixed with MiraLAX without risk, according to MiraLAX’s website.

But, how about the baby? Can you put MiraLAX in milk for the baby? Yes,1 teaspoon/year of age is recommended for children aged 1 to 5 per day.

How To Use MiraLAX Properly?

Miralax is available as a powder that mixes effortlessly into both hot and cold liquids. Here are some guidelines for taking Miralax.

1. Use the bottle’s cap to measure your MiraLAX dosage

You can use the Miralax bottle lids as measuring cups on all of them. So, once you’ve opened your Miralax bottle, look inside for the cap with the number 17 on it. The recommended single dosage is 17 grams. Alternatively, if you don’t want to weigh out the dosage, you can buy a package of Miralax single-dose packets.

There should be 17 grams of Miralax in the bottle cap. The drug can be leveled out and checked to see if it is at the proper gram line by tapping or shaking the container top. Additionally, unless directed otherwise by a physician, avoid taking a higher dose of Miralax. In addition, before providing Miralax to a youngster under the age of 17, consult a doctor.

2. Add the MiraLAX to the liquid of your choice

Like we previously indicated, you can take Miralax with beverages that are either hot, cold, or room temperature. 120ml of the beverage contains enough Miralax to dissolve one dose. It is advisable to dissolve Miralax in 240ml of the beverage, or an 8-ounce cup of coffee, for the best results

Moreover, because Miralax is flavorless and non-gritty, you can combine it with beverages like plain water, smoothies, coffee, tea, iced coffee, lime juice, white cranberry juice, iced water, coconut water, iced tea, seltzer, or orange juice. Most importantly, do not combine Miralax with alcoholic drinks, syrupy substances, or carbonated beverages such as soda, since the mixture can bubble over when mixed, weakening the product.

3. Stir the concoction, then drink it

Stir the liquid with a spoon until Miralax is completely dispersed. Drink the mixture right away because waiting 10 to 15 minutes will cause it to thicken and become difficult to drink. Additionally, you can only combine the beverage when you’re prepared to consume the entire batch. To prevent the medication from sinking to the bottom, swirl the liquid in between sips.

Some Tips For MiraLAX Dosage

Some Helpful Tips For Miralax Dosage

  • Only one dose of Miralax per day is recommended. Additionally, you do not need to take the drug every day at the same time. It can be taken any time of day. However, unless you have a doctor’s approval, you should not use Miralax more than once.
  • A week is the most amount of time you should take Miralax unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. Moreover, after taking Miralax for seven days, get medical advice if you haven’t had a bowel movement. Within three days of using Miralax, bowel movements ought to occur.
  • You can use Miralax on an empty stomach or a full stomach.
  • You can stop using Miralax until you need it if you take it and get the intended benefits, including regular bowel movements.
  • Miralax should be kept at room temperature, free from moisture and heat.

How To Use MiraLAX Appropriately Before Colonoscopy?

Miralax is commonly used to prepare the bowels prior to intestinal surgery or colonoscopy. Before your colonoscopy, the doctor will give you detailed instructions that you must abide by. The following instructions could be included:

  • Buy a 64 fl oz bottle of light-colored liquid and a Miralax standard-size bottle (238 grams). This is because Gatorade restores electrolytes that are lost when your colon is empty. However, avoid choosing a beverage that is orange, crimson, purple, or any other dark color. Select a clear or light yellow liquid.
  • Shake the mixture after adding the entire amount of Miralax and drink. Refrigeration improves the flavor of the mixture, so store it there. Only adhere to the doctor’s detailed directions, though.
  • Before the surgery, consume the Miralax mixture. You’ll be given a timetable by the doctor, and you must stick to it religiously. You might have to redo the procedure later if you don’t adhere to the instructions.

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Best drink to mix with MiraLAX

Except for alcoholic beverages, you can mix MiraLAX with any drinks.

Miralax powder mix often uses with Propel, Gatorade, Pedialyte, Powerade, or Crystal Light flavoring.

Besides, you can mix it with your favorite juice, coffee, tea, soda, smoothie, or milk.

Due to the fact that everyone has varied tastes, it is challenging to determine which beverage pairs best with MiraLAX. Here are some suggestions for drinks that can be combined:

  • Coffee (including Americano, Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Cappuccino…)
  • Tea
  • Smoothie
  • Protein drinks
  • Juices (orange juice, lemonade,…)
  • Coconut water
  • Milk (any type of milk)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Sports drink
  • Seltzer

For a coffee addict like me, coffee is unquestionably the best option :)). What is yours? Comment below to share with us!

What should not be combined with Miralax?


Alcohol should not be combined with Miralax. This is because alcohol is a diuretic. By consuming alcohol while taking Miralax, you risk worsening your symptoms and preventing the laxative from performing its intended function.

Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages may explode if used with Miralax. Ingestion of this substance may also result in bloating. For this reason, it is recommended that Miralax users abstain from consuming fizzy beverages.

Especially, Polyethylene glycol should not be mixed with starch liquids.


Can you take Miralax every day?

Yes, Miralax can be taken once every day for up to a week. Please get in touch with your doctor if you require it for a longer period of time. Keep in mind that Miralax might have common side effects such as bloating, cramps, and vomiting.

What time of day is ideal for taking MiraLAX?

If your doctor doesn’t instruct you otherwise, you can use Miralax whenever you choose during the day. However, if you need to use the restroom, Miralax is best taken during the day instead of at night. Moreover, only take one dose of Miralax every day.

What are the most ideal beverages to combine with MiraLAX?

Any clear liquid is suitable for mixing with Miralax. Water, coffee, white grape, white cranberry, and tea made without cream or milk (instead, add sugar or lemon), filtered fruit juices made without pulp, chicken broth, popsicles (no red), only yellow Gatorade, lemonade, limeade, and Jell-o are among them (no red). Milarax should not be combined with alcoholic or fizzy beverages.

Are impacted stools compatible with MiraLAX?

Miralax is a laxative with osmotic properties. As a result, the stool becomes softer and may naturally induce colon contractions. It also means that it attracts water into the colon. These procedures facilitate easy bowel motions. Miralax ought to aid in the treatment of impacted stools because of its capacity to retain water.

Does Miralax have a taste?

Miralax is flavorless; the preparation tastes like the chosen sports drink. So, as previously mentioned, you can mix it with some drinks.

Is Miralax a weight-gaining drug?

Miralax is said to have the potential to increase body weight. But there is no evidence to support these assertions.

Final Word

The answer to the question “Can you use Miralax in coffee?” is yes. The Miralax can be mixed with coffee with no problems. It can be incorporated into the majority of hot, cold, or room-temperature drinks. It should only not be combined with fizzy beverages and alcohol.

Be aware that adding Miralax may have a quicker effect than if it were added to water, for example, due to coffee’s potential laxative effects.

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