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Energy Drink Brands That Became Top Selling In United State

Energy drink brands – You are tired because every morning you have to get up early to go to work and go to school, you have to drink coffee every day to help you stay awake. Today, we present to you an energy drink that has caffeine content, which can replace coffee but taste extremely delicious.

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What is an energy drink

What is an energy drink?

A specific kind of beverage known as a “energy drink” is advertised as providing both mental and physical stimulation and often contains caffeine. They may or may not be carbonated and contain sugar, other sweeteners, herbal extracts, taurine, and amino acids.

They fall within the broader category of energy items, which also includes bars and gels, and differ from sports drinks, which are marketed as improving athletic performance. There are many different brands and varieties of drinks in this category.

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Benefit of energy beverages

  • Mood/Attitude Improvement
  • Workout Performance
  • Zero Calorie Option
  • Energy Boost

Negative effects of energy drink abuse

Particularly among kids, teenagers, and young adults, excessive usage of energy drinks can have negative health effects due to high intakes of caffeine and sugar. Teens’ sleep habits may be disturbed by excessive energy drink use, and it may also lead to more risk-taking behavior. 

Overconsumption or recurrent use of energy drinks can result in psychological disorders like anxiety and phobias as well as cardiac issues including arrhythmias and heart attacks. Energy drinks with sugar and caffeine have been linked to athlete fatalities in Europe. 

Reviews have indicated that the presence of caffeine was not the sole element and that the combination of additional substances in energy drinks made them riskier than those containing simply caffeine as a stimulant;

Popular energy drink brands

Red Bull

Red Bull

  • Founded: 1987
  • Revenue: USD 6.13 billion

Red Bull is without a doubt the best power drink brand of pepsico in the world, and it’s not even close. Its yearly revenues are close to $9 billion, over $2 billion greater than those of its next-closest rival.

It all comes down to the fact that Red Bull is well-known around the world, not just in one country. The company has been operating for a long and has recently released even more varieties. Red Bull is the most well-known power drink, but it’s also the priciest.

Red Bull costs twice as much for a 16-ounce can as its nearest rival. Despite the cost, it maintains a loyal fanbase.

Eastroc Super Drink

Eastroc Super Drink

  • Founded: 1994
  • Revenue: USD 350.12 million

Despite being a household brand in the business, Eastroc Super Drink is mostly only accessible in China and the surrounding nations.

We can’t get an accurate confirmation of the caffeine amount per 100 mL for this product, although it’s probably a little bit lower than other power drink brands. Even so, it has a solid reputation, so if you’re traveling to China, it could be worth looking into.



  • Founded: 2002
  • Revenue: $4.59 billion

Monster Energy is the only power drink company in the world with annual sales above $1 billion, surpassing Red Bull and Eastroc by a comfortable margin of $4.5 billion. Although the United States is its main market, Monster power drinks are available almost everywhere.

It’s an American firm with a huge variety of flavors available. Monster is not a cheap power drink, despite being considerably more costly than Red Bull. Despite being more costly than the majority of other power drink alternatives, many consumers continue to buy them.



  • Founded: 2005
  • Revenue: $367 million

Although NOS appears to be an unpopular power drink brand, it is always present when you look at the greatest sales figures. The amount of caffeine is the same as in Monster, however the amount of sugar is quite high.

Compared to Monster and Bang, it is more cost-effective per can, albeit the price difference isn’t very large. Red Bull, Monster, and Bang all have a range of flavors. A great method to start your engine is using NOS. You might need a can of this drink to help you reach your objectives and aims.



  • Founded: 1938
  • Revenue: $362 million

One of the most widely consumed beverages in the UK is Lucozade. The quantity of caffeine in each serving is significantly closer to that of a soda, despite the fact that it calls itself a power drink, which it is in many aspects.

However, the brand itself is the oldest on our list, so if you find yourself in the U.K., this is a beverage you should try.

Bang Energy

Bang Energy

  • Founded: 1993
  • Revenue: $299.4 million

Bang Energy has been established since 1993, despite the misconception that it is a recent power drink company. Its popularity has considerably risen recently.

There are several varieties available, and this is the power drink to have if you want one with a lot of caffeine. But while some people find that extra caffeine to be a benefit, others find it to be a disadvantage. It is comparable in price to Monster power drinks, therefore it is neither the most costly nor the least expensive option available.

5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy

  • Founded: 2004
  • Revenue: $196 million

Although it is an energy shot rather than a drink, 5 Hour Energy is unquestionably the most well-known energy shot worldwide. Each shot contains a large amount of caffeine, but you’re only intended to drink 2 ounces at a time.

It costs a fortune and takes only a few seconds to complete. However, 5 Hour Energy has you covered if you just need a little energy without downing a full drink. But this isn’t it if you’re looking for something you can appreciate and will endure for a while.



  • Founded: 2001
  • Revenue: $163 million

The current yearly revenues demonstrate that Rockstar Energy no longer competes head-to-head with Monster Energy. The price of each Rockstar power drink is around half that of a Monster today, making it more of a value brand.

However, Rockstar doesn’t sell a lot of merchandise. There aren’t as many flavor options available, and many people simply can’t get over the taste.

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  • Founded: 2001
  • Burn Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Coca-Cola Company owns and sells the power drink known as Burn under the official slogan “Fuel your fire.” Burn is sold in more than 80 nations, including Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Korea, Bolivia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Mexico. France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Poland are among nations that carry the brand.


  • Founded: 2007
  • Zevia Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA

Zevia completes Biz Vibes ranking of the top 10 power drink manufacturers worldwide. The Los Angeles-based startup Zevia makes stevia-sweetened mixers, organic tea, zero-calorie soft drinks, and energy beverages. Zevia contains stevia from American plantations grown by Sweet Green Fields. There are 14 types of soda available in 12-ounce cans.

The power beverage brand good for your health

It might be challenging to determine which power drinks on the market nowadays are genuinely beneficial for your health. Power drinks can include a wide range of substances, some of which can be better for you than others. Check out some of the healthiest power drinks below:

Monster Energy Zero Sugar

One of the most well-liked energy beverages on the market is Monster Energy Zero Sugar, and for good reason. It is a fantastic option for anyone who is managing their weight or trying to keep healthy because it has no sugar, calories, or carbohydrates. It is also free of artificial flavors and colors and low in salt.

Red Bull Sugarfree

Another great option for anyone seeking a healthy power drink is Red Bull Sugarfree.It has no sugar, calories, or carbs and is minimal in sodium. It is also devoid of synthetic colors and tastes.

Rockstar Zero Carb

Another great option for people seeking a healthy power drink is Rockstar Zero Carb. It has no sugar, calories, or carbs and is minimal in sodium. It is also devoid of synthetic colors and tastes.

Amp Energy Original Sugar Free

Another fantastic choice for people seeking a healthy power drink is Amp Energy Original Sugar Free. It has no sugar, calories, or carbs and is minimal in sodium. It is also devoid of synthetic colors and tastes.

NOS High Performance Energy Drink

Another great option for anyone seeking a healthy power drink is NOS High Performance power Drink.It has no sugar, calories, or carbs and is minimal in sodium. It is also devoid of synthetic colors and tastes.

Among the top power drinks for health, these are just a handful. Be careful to read the label of the power drink you choose to discover what components are in it. Pick an energy beverage that is low in salt, has no sugar, calories, or carbohydrates. Choose a power drink that is devoid of artificial tastes and colors as well.

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Top selling energy drinks 2022

Power drinks brand Energy Sales  Change (Year on year)
Red bull 8.46 fl – oz80 mg caffeine – 117 calories $3,259,914,735 +16%
Monster energy 16 fl oz – 160 mg caffeine – 210 calories $3,236,278,049 +12.6%
Bang Energy 300 mg caffeine – 0 calories – 16 fl oz $1,205,452,872 +6.6%
Red Bull Sugarfree 8.46 fl oz – 80 mg caffeine – 10 calories   $876,604,370 +1.7%
Red Bull Editions 8.46 fl oz – 80 mg caffeine – 113 calories  $594,059,197 +111.7%

FAQs of best energy drink brands in the world

Do power drinks actually give you energy?

Answer: You have a few alternatives if you’re seeking a natural technique to increase your power. Exercising frequently and maintaining a healthy diet can assist. Additionally, some medicines and dietary supplements, including ginseng and green tea, can be beneficial. 

Be sure to thoroughly study the label of any power drinks you decide to try so you are aware of what you are getting into. Start out slowly and observe how your body responds.

What is the difference between RedBull and Monster?

Answer: First off, RedBull is frequently seen as the more “luxury” choice, with a higher price to match. Because it contains more coffee content, it is typically thought to be more effective at boosting energy.

Monster, on the other hand, is frequently thought of as the less expensive choice. Additionally, it has a somewhat negative reputation as a result of its connection to the edgy and extreme sports cultures.

Which one is best for you, then? Monster is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a quick and economical energizer. RedBull, however, is the better option if you don’t mind spending a little extra money to get a stronger, longer-lasting boost.

How many power drinks a day is OK?

Answer: For the majority of healthy individuals, 400 mg of coffee per day seems to be safe. That is approximately equal to the amount of caffeine in two “energy shot” beverages, 10 cans of cola, or four cups of brewed coffee.

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RedBull and Monster are without a doubt the most well-known power drink brands available, but it doesn’t imply you’ll like them the most or even whether it will stay that way forever.

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