Fabula Coffee Review 2023

Fabula Coffee Review: A Tasty Low & Acid Choice 2023

Fabula Coffee Review: Fabula Coffee was founded as an endeavor to find the most organic, pure, and delicious coffee possible. As a result, in order to provide you with all of the nitty-gritty particulars, I compiled a brief review of Fabula Coffee so that you can choose for yourself whether or not it is an option worth considering.

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Overview of Fabula Coffee

In the beginning, the goal of Fabula Coffee was to get the highest quality coffee that was also completely organic and had the cleanest possible flavor profile. As a result of their efforts toward that goal, they eventually formed Fabula in collaboration with a number of independent coffee farmers.

Overview of Fabula Coffee
Overview of Fabula Coffee

Not only do they want to ensure that the coffee they produce is entirely organic, good for you, and delicious, but they also want to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to purchase it.

The low acidity of the coffee is due to the beans’ exceptional quality, as well as the location, elevation, and growing conditions of the organic growers. This indicates that the coffee is good for you and does not put a strain on the digestive system, which helps to prevent stomach aches and heartburn.

Another aspect of the business that Fabula places a strong emphasis on is ensuring that the coffee is freshly roasted at all times. It is always guaranteed to be fresh because it is roasted and packaged shortly before being sent out to clients, thus this process happens very quickly.

Pesticides, mold, and other mycotoxins are not present in Fabula’s organic coffee, making it a better choice for both your health and the environment. Each bag bears a label indicating that its contents are 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO, low-acid, and sourced from a single location.

Is it safe to drink Fabula Coffee?

Despite the fact that everyone has their own unique sense of taste, Fabula Coffee is a legitimate brand that is well worth your time and money. The devotion of Fabula to producing stomach-friendly, low-acid coffee sets it apart from the rest of the specialty coffee roasters in the industry.

They provide a selection of coffees, including caffeine-free and flavored varieties in addition to the standard selection. Their coffees are always roasted, and they ship them out as soon as possible. And the quality does, in fact, match the claims made about it.

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Fabula may be the only brand of caffeinated coffee that coffee drinkers with stomach issues are able to consume without experiencing adverse effects. This coffee addict was able to drink an entire and a half cup of caffeinated coffee without her chronic acid reflux becoming aggravated, Ethiopian coffee

How is Fabula Coffee unique compared to other coffee brands?

The mission of Fabula Coffee is to make tasty, nutritious, and low-acid coffee that is 100% organic available to the greatest number of people as possible. They are dedicated to providing coffee that is healthier not only for you, but also for the community and the world at large.

How is Fabula Coffee unique compared to other coffee brands
How is Fabula Coffee unique compared to other coffee brands?

For its low acidity, Fabula coffee beans are grown in the shade at high altitudes by reputable organic producers. These high-quality beans provide coffee that is healthful and easy on the digestive system. With low-acid organic coffee, stomach problems and acid reflux are a thing of the past.

According to Fabula, their low acid coffee is always freshly roasted, yet I cannot see any “Roasted on” date marks on the packets they supplied me for review.

I believe it would be to the company’s advantage if the beans were freshly roasted shortly before shipment. Hopefully, the manufacturer will incorporate this in the near future. However, the coffee tastes clean and fresh, which, in my experience, has a significant impact on the flavor and scent of brewed coffee.

Fabula coffee is free of pesticides, mycotoxins, and mold; they source Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO coffee beans of the finest quality. As proponents of a fit, healthy, and clean lifestyle, Fabula Coffee connects with us greatly.

Fabula Coffee Review 2023

The low-acid, pure coffee is Fabula Coffee’s signature offering.

Fabula Coffee Review 2023
Fabula Coffee Review 2023

Their coffees are always cultivated in the shade (which is also beneficial for sustainability and the preservation of forests), and they are always grown at high elevations, which is claimed to naturally reduce the amount of acidity that is present in the bean.


  • Low-acid, stomach-friendly coffee
  • Shade-grown, organic, Fair Trade
  • Mold and toxin tested.


  • Limited to mostly Latin American origins
  • Not as much selection as other brands

Additionally, Fabula checks for mold and over 350 chemical substances deemed “unclean” for the stomach (like pesticides). If you are interested in gaining access to these reports, you can send an email to the company.

All Fabula Coffee roasts are USDA organic, Fair Trade, and non-GMO certified. Due to the fact that their affiliated farmers are not mass-producing, mega-commercial farms, you may occasionally notice tiny variances in the flavor of your favored roast.

Packaging And Freshness

Fabula roasts and ships three times each week, ensuring that the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible.

Six to nine days after roasting, coffee begins to lose its optimum flavor and aroma, and its shelf life is just four to seven weeks. Your Fabula coffee will be at its height before it begins to decrease. Additionally, they dispatch purchases within two days of receipt, so you will likely not have to wait long.

After roasting, Fabula coffees are packaged in airtight bags with air vents to “breathe off” CO2. They arrived at my doorstep in a box devoid of fillers. After opening, their plastic bags can be resealed with a ziptop to preserve freshness.

Products Available

The majority of Fabula roasts are sourced from Latin America, and each is grown in the shade at high altitudes. Their Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian roasts are among their most popular offerings.

Fabula sells a range of light, medium, and dark roasts, along with half-caf, decaf, and flavored coffees. There is hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate nut, and buttery caramel flavors. They also sell roasts designed for various brewing methods, such as cold brew, French press, espresso, and Turkish coffee.

I tested two Fabula roasts: a medium-roast coffee from Peru (both ground and whole bean) and a medium-roast coffee with a hazelnut flavor.


1. Peru Medium Roast

The coffees from Fabula are packaged in resealable bags with a zip top. It is a strong package that will easily keep your roast fresh till you consume it. Although it is packaged in plastic that does not appear to be recyclable, it keeps the coffee fresh.

Fabula’s Peru roast is a single origin medium roast coffee. It originates from Catura beans, a dwarf mutant of the bourbon type. It is a coffee grown at a high altitude, but the precise place is unknown.

Freshness: This Peruvian coffee remained quite fresh in its packing. The aroma is strong when the bag is first opened, and the flavor in the cup is also fresh.

Taste: The Peru medium roast from Fabula is nuanced and powerful, tasting and appearing much more like a dark roast.

It possesses the traditional smoky, almost chocolaty flavor that is typical of many Andean coffees, suggesting that it may have originated in the Andes of Peru. In contrast to the typical dark roast from this region, however, Fabula’s medium roast has a sweet finish.

Literally. At the conclusion of each smoky, dark sip, the bitter molasses flavor becomes sweeter, lighter, and somewhat more acidic. Instead of tasting like a medium roast, this Fabula coffee tastes like the transition from a fruity dark roast to a fruity light roast.

2. Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roast

The medium roast of Hazelnut Fabula comes in the same resealable packaging as the other two varieties. This has been pre-ground for drip brewing.

The bottom of the Hazelnut roast bag contains a “best if used by” date. (Strangely, Peruvian roasts do not.) The year is worn away, but 03/16 remains legible. It will be fascinating to watch how long the hazelnut flavor remains intense, but that is too far in the future for the coffee to remain fresh.

It is touted as having a single origin, yet its provenance is listed as “Latin America,” which does not significantly reduce the search. As a coffee grown at a high altitude, its “single origin” might be from nearly anyplace in Latin America.

The Hazelnut roast was washed (but not “completely” washed), produced in small batches, and flavored organically. (But there is no information about the origin of the flavors.)

Freshness: The Hazelnut flavored pre-ground coffee does not appear to have lost a great deal of its freshness. It smells quite fresh in the bag immediately after opening, and it tastes just as fresh in the cup.

It would be preferable to try it freshly ground from whole beans, but since it is flavored coffee, it can better withstand a slight loss of freshness. The hazelnut flavor does not rapidly vanish.

Taste: The Hazelnut roast is sweet and ever-so-slightly sour (imagine the sweet/earth side of the coffee taste wheel, moving towards the sour/sweet side). It also has the typical nuttiness.

Due to the presence of sweeter undertones, the flavor is quite similar to hazelnut, resembling hazelnut syrup. If you want a sugar-free, healthy hazelnut coffee, Fabula’s medium roast Hazelnut coffee is an excellent option.

The sweetness also lightens this medium roast’s texture. Although it is not actually acidic, it feels and tastes like a lighter, more acidic coffee, with a fruity aftertaste that is almost present but not quite.

Benefits of black coffee

Explanation of the many Fabula Coffee items

Fabula Coffee is available for purchase through several channels, including fabulacoffee.com and Amazon.com:

  • Whole beans of dark, medium, and light roast coffee (and a medium roast decaf option).
  • Ground – available in dark, light, and medium roasts (and a medium roast decaf option).
  • Compatible Fabula K-Cup pods for use in Keurig and Mr. Coffee machines.
  • Also offered are flavored coffee alternatives such as Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Cinnamon,
  • Gingerbread, and Pumpkin Spice (YES!). Pumpkin Spice coffee in the fall is my one and only exception to my typical aversion to flavored coffee.
  • All coffee alternatives are available for purchase as either a one-time purchase OR a subscription service.

Can you buy Fabula Coffee on a subscription?

Yes, whole bean, ground coffee bags, and K-cup pods can be purchased by subscription, and I would recommend doing so to save money.

Can you buy Fabula Coffee on a subscription
Can you buy Fabula Coffee on a subscription

Listen, I understand that because Fabula’s coffee is certified organic, non-gmo, fair-trade, and grown at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains, there are always going to be extra costs associated with farming in those conditions, and to ensure that everyone involved in the growing process is compensated fairly.

Buying a single package of Fabula Coffee is considerably more expensive than subscribing.

A single bag of medium-roast Fabula Coffee costs $29.99 when purchased with the ‘buy once’ option. That is a high price for a 12-ounce bag of coffee.

Thankfully, Fabula Coffee offers all new customers a 50% discount when they purchase at least three bags and enter the promo code FAB50 at checkout. If you purchase three bags of coffee to sample, the total cost will be $44.08 as shipping is included in this offer.

If you would want to try just one bag, which is completely understandable, you can use the discount code TRAILANDKALE20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order, thereby covering the shipping cost.

The FAB50 bargain is an unquestionable money saver and will allow you to determine whether you enjoy the coffee’s flavor notes and whether you perceive the benefits of low acidity coffee over time.

Subscriptions save money, in this case up to 35% off coffee, and can be so much more convenient than singular purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fabula Coffee offer a guarantee that you’ll get your money back?

Yes, the company is confident in the quality of their wares; hence, if you are dissatisfied with your initial purchase for any reason, they would gladly accept your return of up to three bags or two boxes of pods within thirty days of the date of the original transaction. You can email them at help@fabulacoffee.com to get in touch with them. This is a comprehensive outline of their return policy.

How often does Fabula Coffee undergo the roasting process?

Because they roast and ship three times a week, the freshness of your coffee is ensured, which is exactly what a person who enjoys coffee wants to hear. It makes a significant difference, and you get the impression that the coffee is more flavorful and has a more potent aroma as a result.

In practice, this means that coffee is delivered not long after it has been roasted, and probably not for more than a week at the most, regardless of where you reside.

How long does it take for the coffee to lose its freshness?

According to Fabula, the optimal time to drink coffee after roasting is approximately two weeks, and after that point, it becomes stale. This is not something that the vast majority of coffee brands will inform you because they have the potential to sell you stale coffee, particularly if it sits on the shelf of distribution centers and shops.


Fabula Coffee produces a unique, wonderful cup of coffee. In contrast to the vast majority of organic, Fair Trade specialty coffees, Fabula’s guaranteed low-acid product is quite unique. There are not many brands that specialize in low-acid, mold- and toxin-tested coffees.

Even when caffeinated, Fabula coffee is truly stomach friendly. The medium roast may not always taste like medium roast, but you will likely enjoy it, nevertheless.

You will appreciate these if you don’t mind consuming virtually exclusively Latin American coffees produced at high altitudes. Fabula coffee deserves its reputation. And it’s a boon for coffee drinkers with GERD.

Thank you for reading. If you want to read more related posts, get access to CentralParkwestcafe.


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