Flat White vs Cappuccino Which Should You Pick

Flat White Vs Cappuccino: Big Differences You Need To Know

Flat White Vs Cappuccino: To make a clear distinction between a flat white and a cappuccino, you must be familiar with their espresso-to-milk ratios, preparation methods, and other minute details that distinguish these beverages. This article describes their similarities and provides recipes for both beverages to illustrate their differences.

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What is Flat White?

A flat white is a specific style of coffee that was first popularized in New Zealand and Australia. The velvety mouthfeel and well-balanced espresso and milk flavors that result from this method of preparation come about as a result of pouring micro foamed milk over two shots of espresso.

What is Flat White
What is Flat White

The micro foamed milk that is utilized in the preparation of a flat white has a consistency that is silkier and less frothy than the milk that is utilized in the preparation of a cappuccino or latte. This is because the micro foamed milk is intended to blend in with the espresso rather than create distinct layers.

The beverage is distinguished by its opulent taste as well as its velvety smoothness, and it is usually presented in a ceramic cup or a tumbler of comparable size.

Overview of Cappuccino

Cappuccino, a popular Italian coffee drink, is prepared by combining espresso, frothed milk, and steamed milk in equal proportions. It is traditionally served in a tiny porcelain cup and is renowned for its velvety texture and rich flavor.

Overview of Cappuccino
Overview of Cappuccino

A barista prepares a cappuccino by first pulling a shot of espresso and then steaming milk to achieve the velvety texture that is characteristic of cappuccinos.

The espresso is then topped with a layer of milk froth. Typically, a steam wand is used to aerate milk, which incorporates air into the milk and creates a light, frothy texture. Typically, foam is generated in this manner.

Flat White Vs Cappuccino: 5 Big differences

Here are five important distinctions between Flat White and Cappuccino:

Milk texture

The most significant distinction between Flat White and Cappuccino is the consistency of the milk. Flat White has a macrofoam layer that combines with the espresso to create a velvety texture. On the other hand, cappuccino has a dense layer of foam on top of the steamed milk.

Milk to espresso ratio

Another significant distinction is the ratio of milk to espresso. The ratio of espresso to milk in a Flat White is higher, resulting in a stronger coffee flavor. Cappuccino contains more milk than espresso, making it a milder beverage with a milky flavor.

The thickness of foam

The thickness of the froth is another distinction between these two beverages. Flat White has a thin layer of macrofoam on top, whereas Cappuccino has a thick, fluffy coating of foam on top.

Cup size

Additionally, the cup measurement can vary between the two beverages. Cappuccino is served in a larger cup than Flat White.


The presentation of these two beverages is also quite distinct. On the froth of a cappuccino, cocoa powder or cinnamon is frequently sprinkled to create a visually appealing presentation. Flat White is typically served without garnish or embellishment, making it a simpler and more minimalist beverage.

Long shot vs Ristretto

Which is stronger Flat White Vs Cappuccino?

Flat white and cappuccino are both popular coffee beverages, but they differ in terms of intensity, flavor, and consistency.

A cappuccino is typically considered stronger than a flat white in terms of its intensity. A cappuccino typically contains equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk, and froth, whereas a flat white has less foam and more milk, resulting in a milder flavor.

Which is stronger Flat White Vs Cappuccino
Which is stronger Flat White Vs Cappuccino

However, strength is subjective and can differ based on the amount of coffee used and the method of brewing. Some baristas may make their flat whites bolder than their cappuccinos; therefore, it is ultimately a matter of preference.

Notably, both beverages can be prepared with varying quantities of espresso, which affects their potency. A double dose of espresso will produce a stronger flavor than a single shot in both beverages.

In conclusion, a cappuccino is typically considered to be stronger than a flat white, though this can differ depending on the brewing method and individual preference.

Flat White vs Cappuccino: Which Should You Pick?

Flat whites and cappuccinos are globally popular espresso-based beverages relished by coffee enthusiasts. There are significant differences between the two that may make one a superior option than the other for you. Here is a comparison of the two beverages to help you choose:

Flat White vs Cappuccino Which Should You Pick
Flat White vs Cappuccino Which Should You Pick

Flat White

A flat white is an Australian and New Zealand-born beverage. It is comprised of a double dose of espresso, steamed milk, and micro foam on top. A flat white contains less frothing milk than a cappuccino and is typically served in a smaller cup.

A cappuccino

A cappuccino is an Italian beverage comprised of a double dose of espresso, steamed milk, and a layer of foamed milk on top. The frothed milk in a cappuccino is typically more abundant than in a flat white, resulting in a larger beverage with a lighter consistency.

Which option should you choose? If you prefer a stronger coffee flavor and a smaller beverage, a flat white may be your best option.

If you prefer a lighter, frothier beverage with a larger quantity and a more complex flavor profile, a cappuccino may be more to your liking. In the end, the decision comes down to personal preference, so attempt to determine which you prefer!

What is the difference in milk preparation?

Micro foam, which is pasteurized milk with very small and delicate bubbles, is what’s used to make a flat white. Because of this, the flat white has that characteristically smooth appearance.

On the other hand, cappuccinos are prepared using frothed milk, which results in bigger bubbles than regular milk:

  • Cinnamon is sprinkled on top of a cappuccino.
  • Additionally, in comparison to a cappuccino, a flat white will typically have a lower amount of froth.

When deciding which option is going to be more suitable for you, the milk might be the single most essential consideration.

However, this is not the end of the road when it comes to their disagreements. You can continue reading to learn about some additional distinctions that set these beverages apart from others.

How many calories are in a flat white vs. cappuccino?

Because it contains more milk, a flat white has more calories than other types of coffee. Espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk are typically combined in a cappuccino maker in proportions that are equivalent to one another.

How many calories are in a flat white vs. cappuccino
How many calories are in a flat white vs. cappuccino

On the other hand, flat whites are characterized by a greater amount of milk to espresso ratio in their preparation. This indicates that a flat white has a higher caloric content than a cappuccino does.

When both beverages are prepared with whole milk, a standard cappuccino has approximately 38 calories, while a standard flat white has approximately 68 calories. Both of these numbers are based on a standard serving size.

The number of calories a serving contains is subject to change contingent on the type of milk that was consumed. When compared to full-fat milk, the number of calories contained in low-fat milk will be smaller. The same is true for most alternatives that do not contain cheese.

If you are trying to reduce the number of calories you consume, it is recommended that you order a cappuccino rather than a flat white.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distinction between steamed and foamed milk?

Both steamed milk and foamed milk are created by heating milk with steam, but their textures are distinct. The texture and temperature of steamed milk are uniform, whereas frothed milk is aerated with steam to create a light, ethereal texture and a layer of foam on top.

Are flavored Flat White and Cappuccino available?

Yes, vanilla and caramel-flavored versions of both beverages are commonly available. However, it should be noted that adding flavored syrups can alter the drink’s flavor balance and may obscure some of the coffee’s nuances.

Flat Whites and Cappuccinos are always prepared with espresso, correct?

Correct, both beverages are traditionally prepared with two espresso shots. Some variations may use a single shot of espresso or a different variety of coffee, such as ristretto or Lungo.

Typically, both beverages are prepared with whole milk, although nondairy alternatives such as almond and oat milk are frequently available upon request.

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