How To Clean Nespresso Vertuo

How To Clean Nespresso Vertuo? Guide To Descale And FAQs

How to clean Nespresso vertuo? Cleaning your Nespresso Vertuo machine is important to ensure that it continues to work correctly and produces delicious drinks. To begin, make sure any used Nespresso pods are removed from the machine and disposed of. 

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How to clean Nespresso vertuo?

Cleaning your Nespresso coffee maker is not that difficult once you get used to the device and the cleaning procedure. You must adhere to a few instructions in order to clean the machine.

Prepare for the cleaning process

Simple enough: after using the coffee capsule, be sure you expel it and let it fall into the capsule holder. Then, to begin the cleaning procedure, empty that container.

Next, take the drip tray out and clean it.

The water canister has to be cleaned out and refilled after that. Make certain you use clean water while filling the canister. It’s not necessary to fill it all the way.

Place a cup or container below the machine’s spout to capture the fresh drinking water flow before launching the cleaning mode, just as you would while brewing coffee. Something that can contain at least 20 ounces is recommended by Nespresso. Naturally, you don’t want to use your coffee cup this time.

Machine cleaning mode

The Nespresso Vertuoline machine should be turned on as the next stage in the cleaning process. Simply depress the power button and rotate the coffee maker’s lever until it is secured. Then immediately hit the button three more times. 

After you have finished doing this, the cleaning will start in around two minutes. You will observe the machine’s extra fresh water flowing into the container. It will take around five minutes to finish cleaning everything. 

You may manually wash the drip tray while the Nespresso cleaning cycle is operating. Simply push the button to halt the cleaning cycle if you wish to do so early.

How often do you clean Nespresso vertuo?

Every 600 coffees or at least every six months, you should descale your Nespresso machine, according to the instructions. In addition, after the coffee has been made and the capsule has been taken out, we advise letting the water run to clear the coffee residue.

Guide to descale a Nespresso vertuoline

Guide to descale a Nespresso vertuoline

Nespresso advises descaling a coffee maker every 300 capsules, or after three months (whichever comes first). A half-red, half-green light will appear on the Nespresso Vertuo coffee to let you know when descaling mode is necessary. 

You may only prepare a few coffees after this notice displays before descaling becomes necessary.

Empty the machine

Push the button to start the machine, then push it upward to open the head and release the capsule before closing.

After three seconds of downward pressure on the lever, the machine will shut off. You should then empty the cup support and utilize the capsule container.

Run the descale cycle

0.5 liters of water and 1 unit of Nespresso descaling liquid should be added to the tank.

Under the coffee outlet, place the empty 1-liter container.

Push the lever down and press the button for three seconds after the coffee machine has been turned off. The coffee maker should display an orange light to let you know it is in menu mode.

To start the descaling process, pull the lever down once.

Throughout the descaling procedure, the orange light will flash, and turn the machine off automatically when the cycle is over.

Rinse the machine

Running a rinse cycle after descaling is essential to ensure that there is no descaler remaining in the system. Place the container back beneath the coffee outlet after emptying it.

Fill the water tank with new water after properly emptying, cleaning, and rinsing the tank and cup support.

To begin rinsing, press the button three times in the span of two seconds. The process will then continue automatically and last for 5 minutes.

The rinse is finished when the light turns green and flashes. To leave the mode, depress the lever and push the button simultaneously. Before operating the machine, let it dry for at least 10 minutes.


What happens if you don’t clean a Nespresso machine?

Answer: The residue from your machine will have the following negative impacts on your coffee if it isn’t cleaned: Your coffee’s flavor will start to deteriorate. You’ll notice the bitter aroma of your coffee and coffee maker. Coffee residue has the potential to clog and obstruct machines, rendering them useless.

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Can I use white vinegar to clean my Nespresso machine?

Answer: You can, indeed! White vinegar and two parts water should be added to the container. Make careful to run the machine five more times with normal water after running it through the vinegar solution.

Is Nespresso descaling kit necessary?

Answer: A Nespresso Descaling Kit, which includes a natural solution that completely dissolves the scale buildup, should be used to descale your machines. Other solutions (such vinegar or descalers from the supermarket) might harm your machine. Keep the descaling solution out of children’s reach.


Although reading about the cleaning and descaling procedures is not very thrilling, if you are familiar with your machine, they are rather straightforward. Both use essentially the same fundamental procedures and Nespresso Vertuo components. 

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