How To Make Vietnamese Coconut Coffee?

How To Make Vietnamese Coconut Coffee? – Simple Ingredient

Many coffee lovers like the unique beverage known as Vietnamese Coconut Coffee. Coffee and the flavor of deliciously thick, fragrant coconut milk assist to lift the body’s spirits and provide it energy. In this article, let’s find out How To Make Vietnamese Coconut Coffee? with Centralparkwestcafe . You will undoubtedly get enamored with the drink, which is “storming” the Vietnamese market in particular and the global market in general.

How To Make Vietnamese Coconut Coffee?

What is Vietnamese Coconut Coffee

Simple words, coconut coffee is coffee with a coconut flavor. In other words, coconut milk “flavors” the coffee while it still serves as the primary flavor. With its thick, fragrant coconut milk and classic coffee scent, this coconut coffee will captivate you without a doubt. In fact, coconut oil has many benefits.

Coconut milk is often used in food processing and beverage production in Vietnam. Coconut milk may be found in stewed foods, cooked foods, desserts, beverages, etc. Coconut coffee has an enticingly excellent flavor because to the uncommon pairing of two ingredients. Now, it’s simple to find coconut coffee at beverage stores. However, by knowing how to prepare and create it at home, you may enjoy it whenever and anywhere you like. It’s also a good idea to periodically serve it to your family members.

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Ingredients and Tools

Ingredients and Tools


Vietnamese phin filters are used to make coffee. Simply said, it is a cylindrical filter that is intended to be placed on top of a cup and is often constructed of stainless steel. Although there are bigger sizes available, it is usually used to make a small serving of strong coffee.

Alternatively, there are various brewing techniques that may be utilized to create a comparable coffee if you don’t have a Vietnamese Phin filter and just want to try out this recipe without spending money on extra equipment.


If you are a coffee enthusiast, you probably already know that a good quality grinder is one of the most important tools in a homebrewer’s arsenal. Because they are fresher, whole beans nearly always taste better, especially after being exposed to the air.

We suggest selecting a burr grinder if you don’t already have one. Purchasing a cheap blade grinder would not be in your best interests. Blade grinders often create highly variable particle sizes and offer little control over grind size, making it nearly difficult to brew decent coffee.

Conical burr grinders with motors may be highly expensive, but their manual equivalents are far more affordable for those just starting out in the coffee industry. The Hario Slim Line, which retails for roughly $30 USD, is a nice illustration of this. Although it is not the best manual grinder on the market, it is difficult to find one at a better price. It’s perfect for travel because it’s composed of sturdy plastic. We suggest investing a little extra money in a high-quality manual grinder like the Comandante C40 or the 1Zpresso JX Pro.


You may prepare this drink using regular arabica beans. However, it would not be the same. If you want to create a genuine Vietnamese coconut coffee flavor, choose Robusta beans since they are both advantageous and required. Robusta beans are significantly more potent than regular arabica beans.


Vietnamese coffee drinks often include sweetened condensed milk as a condiment. This canned milk product has a far longer shelf life than conventional milk and is thick, sticky, and highly sweet. It is a crucial ingredient in this recipe. Replacing


Use good-tasting water since it is one of the simplest methods to brew great coffee. So many individuals consume tap water mindlessly. Coffee won’t taste nice if the water doesn’t taste well on its own.


  • 250 grams of ice
  • A shaker or plastic bottle
  • A blender

How To Make Vietnamese Coconut Coffee (Cafe Cot Dua)

  1. Over your brewing glass, place the phin filter’s cup spanner. Pour ground coffee into the filter chamber and spread it out as evenly as possible. The filter chamber should then be placed carefully over the cup spanner.

  2. In the chamber, place the filter press on top of the ground coffee and gently press. Allow the coffee to bloom for 20 to 30 seconds after adding 1 tablespoon of hot water to the chamber.
  3. Then, fill the chamber with the remaining hot water and cover it with the filter cap. Watch the coffee liquid flow through the filter chamber’s bottom holes and the cup spanner.
  4. The entire brewing process should take about 4 minutes. Press the filter press a little harder to slow down the flow if the coffee is coming out too rapidly. One or two drops at a time are recommended. Remove the filter from the glass after the filter chamber is empty.
  5. Add coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk to a small pot. Over medium-low to medium heat, stir and reheat the milk mixture until bubbles and steam begin to escape from the edges. Keep the mixture from boiling. Pour the milk mixture into your blender after turning off the burner.
  6. Blend for about 30 seconds with ice.
  7. Pour both the coffee and all the foams over the coconut milk mixture in the serving cup. Serve immediately.

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Frequently Asked Question

What makes Vietnamese coffee Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is uniquely characterized by a combination of dark roast coffee dripped through a metal Vietnamese coffee filter mixed with condensed milk. More often than not, you’ll see this served with lots of crushed ice since it is so

Is Vietnamese coffee just coffee with condensed milk?

A common misconception is that Vietnamese coffee is simply coffee with condensed milk—this is not true. The misunderstanding stems from the fact that a lot of Vietnam-born coffee drinks are traditionally sweetened using condensed milk, but that’s just a common ingredient there.

How many shots of coffee are in Vietnamese coffee?

Here’s how: Make a cup of very strong coffee, either espresso (at least 2 shots) or extra strong brewed coffee. Stir in 1 tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk or to taste then top off the glass with ice.

Can you use any ground coffee for Vietnamese coffee?

We used the Trung Nguyen brand of ground coffee for this Vietnamese coffee recipe, but you can use any good French roast coffee, too. Our Phin Vietnamese coffee filters are 6-ounce size, but they come in different sizes depending upon your brewing needs.

Is coconut coffee healthy?

Here are some ways in which adding coconut oil to your coffee may improve health: May speed up your metabolism. Studies show that MCTs in coconut oil and caffeine in coffee may speed up your metabolism, which can increase the number of calories you burn in a day.

Wrap Up

Making your own coconut milk is a quick and easy method to enjoy your favorite beverage every day if you have unexpectedly fallen in love with the taste. Here is a straightforward coconut milk coffee recipe that uses items that are simple to get. If you like a fatty taste, egg coffee is also a great option.

Centralparkwestcafe hopes this article has given all the information that you need.

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