How to use Keurig mini

How To Use Keurig Mini? Setting Up And Troubleshooting Guide

How to use Keurig mini? A Keurig Mini is simple to operate. After all, purchasing this machine rather than a drip coffee maker was likely motivated mostly by its convenience. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about setting up, brewing, cleaning, and recycling a K-Mini.

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Setting up a Keurig Mini

Setting up a Keurig Mini


Remove your Keurig Mini from the package with care. Remove any packaging tape that may be present on any of the coffee maker’s component parts. Clean the area of your counter next to a functional power outlet where you want to keep the Keurig. 

The cable storage is located behind the brewer. Just enough chord extension after pulling the plug will allow you to connect it in.

Setting up the Water Tank

  • K-Mini Plus: There are several significant distinctions to be aware of if you own the K-Mini Plus. The reservoir is detachable, to start. I recommend cleaning it first. To remove the reservoir, just lift it straight up. 

Bring it over to your sink and scrub it well with soap and warm water. To clean it, just use a soft sponge; never use anything abrasive. Place it back on the machine after drying it off. Next, put 8 ounces of fresh water in a cup. 

Pour the water into the water tank by lifting the cover. Make sure you don’t overfill or underfill the water reservoir by more than the MAX or MIN lines. Put the lid on.

  • K-Mini: The water tank of a normal K-Mini is not detachable. A cup should contain 8 ounces of pure water. Pour water into the water tank by lifting the cover. Make sure you don’t overfill or underfill the water reservoir by more than the max or min lines. Put the lid on.

Power On The Brewer

On your K-Mini coffee maker, look for the power button in the upper right corner. As soon as you push it, the lights ought to come on and the brewer ought to begin to warm up.

Cleansing Brew

You must run a cleaning brew before making your first cup of coffee.

This is as easy as it sounds, and using your Keurig coffee maker without actually making any coffee is an excellent way to practice.

How to make a purifying brew is as follows:

  • 10 ounces of water should be added to your machine.
  • Press the power button on the machine’s top to turn on your K-Mini brewer.
  • Lift and shut the lock without inserting a pod once your machine is ready.
  • Press the brew button after that.

Choosing A K-Cup

There are many K Cups available. But it would be advisable to sample some of Keurig’s own coffee if you are just starting into Keurig machines.

There are several excellent coffees and flavors offered by Green Mountain, which is a division of the Keurig firm.

Additionally, Starbucks offers a huge variety of K Cups. Most likely, a K Cup pod will contain your preferred coffee.

But even then, relax! In fact, you can purchase a reusable K Cup that you can fill with any kind of coffee.

You can find pods for anything other than coffee if you’d want. Tea, hot chocolate, and iced coffee pods are all readily available.

How to use Keurig mini?


Cleaning and Descaling Your K-Mini

Start by shutting down your computer.

The drip tray may then be taken out and cleaned. You may also take out and clean the water tank if you have a K-Mini Plus.

Use a moist towel to clean the brewer’s exterior.

Recall the purifying brew we mentioned previously in the article? Run a few of those cleaning cycles to thoroughly clean the interior of your machine.

That will eliminate all the flavors of stale coffee from your subsequent brew.

Descaling is a procedure that gets rid of the machine’s hardened minerals. It’s necessary to maintain your Keurig coffee machine running and extend its life.

Every 3 to 6 months, you should descale your brewer.

A descaling solution is required. Although there are several choices available, I usually suggest Keurig’s proprietary descaling method.

Use a descaling solution and water mixture during a cleaning cycle as opposed to only water.

Run a brew cycle after that without a pod. To ensure that there is no descaling solution left behind, repeat the brew cycle a further two to three times.

Fill & Place Mug

In a mug, pour the necessary quantity of water (177 ml or 6 ounces, up to 355 ml or 12 ounces). Lift the water reservoir’s cover, then fill it with water. Never fill more than the MAX or less than the MIN fill lines. Your cup size should be put on the drip coffee tray as you lower the lid.

Lift & Place Pod

Take the handle up. Put a K-Cup® pod in the holder for K-Cup® pods. To shut the lid, fully lower the handle. When the coffee machine is prepared, the brew indicator light will blink to let you know. The foil top of the K-Cup® pod should not be removed.

When brewing at a high altitude, steadily press down on the K-Cup® pod until the exit needle punctures the bottom of the pod while keeping the coffee machine handle up.

Brew & Enjoy

Hit the “brew” button to ready to brew. As the coffee maker heats up, the brew indicator light will first glow steadily before starting to pulse. The beverage will start to dispense and the brew indicator light will solidly glow once again after around two minutes. 

When the brew indication light goes off, the brewing process is over. Lift the lever once finished to recycle the discarded K-Cup® pod in 3 simple steps.

Keurig k-mini troubleshooting

Keurig k mini troubleshooting

It’s probably a quick remedy if your K-Mini brewer is giving you problems.

The issues I’ve run with most often are:

Grounds in Your Coffee

A bent paper clip or other similar instrument may be used to clear out any coffee grounds that may have accumulated in the exit or entry needles.

  • Clean the K-Cup® pod holder’s exit needle. Consult the care instructions for the exit needle.
  • Clean the entry needle on the coffee machine. Refer to the care instructions for the entrance needle.

Coffee Maker Will Not Brew

Brewing requires a minimum of 177 ml (6 oz) of water. The minimum fill level must be fulfilled, therefore add an extra 59 ml/2 oz amount of water to the reservoir before pressing the brew button. Continue until the coffee machine starts to brew.

Brewing a Partial Cup

  • Activate the power switch. Until all of the water has been dispensed, press and hold the brew button for 5 seconds.
  • Put the items in the sink for disposal. To restart, press the power switch.
  • The exit needle can be obstructed. Consult the care instructions for the exit needle.
  • To clean the K-Cup® Pod Holder, refer to the care manual.
  • Descale the coffee machine if necessary. Contact customer service if your coffee maker is still only producing a half cup after you have performed the descale operation on it twice.

Coffee Maker Does Not Have Power or Shuts Off

  • Verify that the power switch is switched on.
  • Insert the coffee maker’s grounded outlet. If other appliances are overloading the electrical circuit, The coffee machine may not work correctly. The coffee maker has to be run on a separate circuit from other appliances.
  • The coffee maker shuts off on its own 90 seconds after the final brew in order to save electricity. To restart, press the power switch.
  • If the coffee maker’s power is still out, get in touch with customer service.



Does the Keurig Mini dispense hot water?

Answer: You can use your Keurig to solely produce hot water, yes. This is ideal if you prefer to utilize tea bags over tea k-cups due to the former’s lower cost. It works well for quick oatmeal, soups, and hot chocolate as well.

Why is my Keurig Mini not taking in water?

Answer: Water scaling, which accumulates and blocks the Keurig water pump, is the most frequent cause of a Keurig not pumping water. There are several approaches to solving this issue. The easiest method is to remove the water reservoir from the Keurig, drain it, and then partially refill it.

Can I use a reusable cup in a Keurig Mini?

Answer: K small cups magically work with practically all Keurig machine models. The Delibru reusable K-cups have a tight seal that prevents leaks and spills while ensuring consistent water distribution, resulting in the greatest brews you’ve ever had!


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