Keurig Frother Not Working

Keurig Frother Not Working – Frothing Problems Fixing Guide

Keurig frother not working – Have trouble with your Keurig milk frother? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people have experienced issues with their Keurig Frother. The first step to troubleshooting is to make sure you have the right kind of milk in the Frother. 

It’s important to remember that almond milk won’t work as it has a different consistency than regular cow’s milk. There are still many other cases that make it difficult, so let’s find out with CentralParkwestcafe in the article below to easily fix it.

What is Keurig frother

What is Keurig frother?

Cold frothing and hot frothing are the two frothing choices offered by Milk Frother. The hot foam button may be used to heat and froth milk for rich lattes and cappuccinos, while the cold foam button can be used to freeze foam milk for creamy and icy lattes and cappuccinos.

We advise preparing a cup of coffee on either a 4oz or 6oz brew size and using the STRONG option if available when making drinks with your Milk Frother and Keurig maker.

The signs that Keurig frother not working

There are two variations of Keurig milk frothers: standalone and as a coffee machine attachment.

Whichever of those two it is, there are obvious indications that your milk frother is malfunctioning:

  • 3 brief beeping noises
  • The frother is not functioning, however, the front light is always glowing.
  • The milk is heated and operating on the frother, but it isn’t foaming.
  • Keurig not pumping water

The main reason

The milk is above the maximum line

To prevent it from being overfilled with much milk, the Frother has a max line. Your frother may not be working if you are adding extra whole milk or skim milk to the mixture.

Make sure your fresh dairy milk is not above the maximum line by checking it. Then, try creating frothed milk once more to check whether your problem has been resolved.

You didn’t add milk

You could have forgotten to add milk to the frother, as ridiculous as it seems. We occasionally wander blindfolded in the morning till I receive my first cup of coffee! Simply add that new milk and finish your morning espresso if this is the problem.

Frother not covered with its lid

Verify that the machine’s lid is on before you begin to foam the milk. Users occasionally fail to put the top cover on, which prevents the gadget from operating as intended.

Check to see whether you covered it with the lid before looking for other possibilities. Whether not, give it a try and check to see if your Keurig steamer functions.

You are using the wrong milk

You are using the wrong milk

If you want a smooth microfoam for your ideal cappuccino, milk foam might be tricky. Quality milk is necessary for good milk foam. Different brands of milk may include different ingredients. For instance, the quantity of lipids and proteins might differ from one milk to the next.

Naturally, that has an impact on the caliber of your dairy foam.

According to my observations, whole or 2% milk produces the nicest foam. Milk with more fat will produce foam that is silky and smooth.

Of course, 1% skim milk can be used, but the outcome won’t be as wonderful as with high-fat milk.

Almond milk is a non-dairy milk that does not foam, however, you may occasionally see a few bubbles.

Misaligned frothing wand

Your Keurig appliance’s wand is misaligned, which is another factor contributing to its inability to foam milk.

You must run a steam test to verify this. This will also enable you to evaluate whether your Frother is experiencing a more significant issue.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • To test the steam, pour a cup of water instead of milk.
  • If you believe there is a problem with the steam function, examine the wand and look for any debris or alignment issues.
  • If you discover any dirt, wash the milk frother with warm, soapy water before attempting to use the steam again.

Adjust the wand if the problem persists. To make sure you’re setting up the Keurig Cafe Frother correctly and avoid future problems, you may also consult the user handbook.

The whisk is misplaced

Make careful to put the whisk back where it belongs after cleaning it. You’ll hear a buzzer if the whisk is missing.

Pour out the milk and make sure the whisk is properly positioned if you believe this could be the issue.

Build-Up of gunk due to poor cleaning

Build Up of gunk due to poor cleaning

You must understand how to properly maintain your Keurig steamer, just like any other kitchen item. You won’t be able to operate the frother correctly if dirt or milk sludge has built up within your appliance.

Therefore, after each use, clean your frother thoroughly with warm, soapy water, being careful not to leave any debris behind that might cause buildup.

Flashing light on the front

If your Keurig K Cafe frother is flashing a caution light, don’t freak out. Espresso machines and coffee makers have all kinds of warning lights. Although it can appear serious, it’s only because you’re attempting to foam milk as you make coffee.

Unfortunately, you can’t do both simultaneously with modern coffee machines, which is why your Milk Frother is not working.

Simply wait for the brew cycle to complete before beginning to froth milk. Try to froth your milk once the brew is finished, and you should have no problems.

All lights on frother base are flashing

All lights on frother base are flashing

All of the lights on your K-Café frother might flash due to a few potential problems.

  • Ensure that the frother is filled with milk.
  • Ensure a whisk is present and securely fastened in the frother. Put pressure on it.
  • Do you frequently wash both the whisk and the frother? If not, the problem could be brought on by a buildup of milk residue. Clean with a soft sponge and warm, soapy water. Dry completely before use.
  • Ensure that the frother is securely mounted to the base. Wipe down the base if it appears filthy.

Frother’s Jug Is Overflowing

Your Keurig K Cafe frother may occasionally operate, but excessive milk frothing may cause the jug to overflow. If so, you’re probably utilizing your froth improperly.

You only need to fill the jug up to the bottom line when using the whisk with the ring around it. Pouring milk above the line, which causes overflow, is a frequent error or Keurig not brewing a full cup.

Frother Is producing charred milk

You can be using your Keurig steamer incorrectly if it isn’t generating the milk you desire.

The Keurig machine is working correctly, so there’s no need to worry about changing it. But you’re foaming improperly, which results in the useless froth. Depending on the whisk you want to use, you must adhere to the suggested milk dosage.

Only fill the milk to the very bottom if you’re using the whisk with the circular ring around it. You may fill a smaller whisk to the top or bottom of the maximum line if you want to steam milk with it.

Never attempt to use the milk frother below the maximum line as you may encounter further issues. Furthermore, problems might result from infrequent equipment cleaning.

The jug and whisk may have milk residue in them if you don’t wash them after each use; this can prevent the jug from sensing the temperature. Simply wash the jug and whisk, then check to see whether the milk is still getting burned.

Faulty Connections

Most often, poor connections inside the device are to blame for the Keurig milk frother not turning on. If your milk frother is covered by a guarantee, you may send it in for service or, if necessary, replacement.

Keurig Frother is not working troubleshooting

Keurig Frother is not working troubleshooting

  • Step 1: Make sure to place the lid that is included with it on top of the Keurig milk frother before frothing your milk.
  • Step 2: Always use refrigerated milk instead of warm milk for optimal froth. This is so that cold milk, as opposed to hot or room temperature milk, froths significantly better. If you don’t have refrigerated milk, you may cool the Keurig milk frother cup first and then set it on the base after drying the outside walls.
  • Step 3: Next, make sure the milk level is not above the maximum line in the Keurig milk frother by checking the milk level. Pour some of it if it is.
  • Step 4: Do not froth milk and prepare Keurig coffee simultaneously. Wait for the previous procedure to finish before beginning the next since the Keurig K Cafe ground coffee maker can only do one process at a time.
  • Step 5: Use the Keurig milk frother to froth several types of milk and determine which one produces the proper consistency. Additionally, test out other brands because their milk comes in a variety of compositions. 

Some varieties foam differently because they include more proteins than lipids. By doing this, you’ll also be able to determine which flavors the Keurig K Cafe frother doesn’t like so you can avoid buying them.

  • Step 6: Make sure you choose the Shot option for cappuccino or latte when you boil your coffee before frothing your milk. When they don’t hit “Shot Brew” before making the coffee, several consumers claim that the Keurig milk frother attachment seldom functions.
  • Step 7: Verify that the Keurig milk frother’s magnetic whisk is securely fastened. Remove any milk that has already been put into the jug so that you may check it.
  • Step 8: Check the milk frother properly for a keurig to make sure the milk blender cup is properly positioned on the base. Then, press it a little to hold it in position.
  • Step 9: Make it a habit to clean the stir, lid, and Keurig K Cafe frother after each use. Not cleaning it soon away might result in a variety of problems. Fortunately, the K-Cafe frother whisk and lid can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher, making immediate cleanup simple. 

If you don’t have a dishwasher, you may wash the milk frother stir by soaking it in warm water with detergent and using a gentle brush to remove the filth. The milk frother and lid of the coffee maker should be manually washed with a soft, lint-free cloth before being properly rinsed.

Keurig K-Cafe milk frother replacement parts

In order to replace any missing or damaged pieces, you may buy the K-Cafe frother lid and stir it separately.

The K-Cafe frothing cup, complete with a cover and stir, is also available for purchase. The Keurig K-Café and K-Café special editions may both use these replacement components, although you might want to pick a frother cup that complements the color of your coffee machine.

Contact Keurig customer service

Contact Keurig customer service

If none of the aforementioned repairs work or if your frother is not heating the milk at all, there may be a more serious problem with a component within your frother. Make a call to Keurig customer service. It may be reached at 1-800-361-5628.


How do I clean my Keurig steamer?

Answer: You must clean your frother after each usage due to milk lipids. Take out the stir, then wash it and the lid with warm, soapy water.

Additionally, clean the frother’s inside. Just be sure you use a dry towel to clean the portion that connects to the base.

Can you froth coffee creamer with a Keurig steamer?

Answer: Technically, you could substitute ordinary milk with coffee creamer.

However, you should be aware that the outcomes won’t be as fantastic as they would be with conventional whole milk. It’s because coffee pod creamer has far more fats than milk.


As you can see, utilizing the milk frother for a Keurig won’t cause you too many issues. But there are always answers to the issues you can run with. When your milk frother for a Keurig is acting up, use the advice in this “Keurig frother not working” article to guide you.

If you have any questions, please contact CentralParkwestcafe or leave a comment below here. Thank you!

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