When you visit https://centralparkwestcafe.com, your personal information is collected, utilized, and shared in accordance with this privacy statement.

Control Your Data.

Email Preferences.

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Possession of Your Data.

Please refer to the section of this privacy statement under “What Controls Do I Have Over My Information?” for more information on additional options to delete, opt out of, or modify your information.

What Sorts of Personal Data Do We Gather?

Information That You Give Us.

Depending on how you use our Services and the personal information you voluntarily give us, we may collect different types of personal information from and about you. In conjunction with your use of the Services, we may get personal information about you directly from you or in another manner, including:

Contact information includes your name, address (including a postal code and email address), registration for events or conferences, and connected data (such as dietary restrictions, pictures, or videos shot at events).

Information collected during inquiries, such as details shared in emails or phone calls made in response to forms or surveys that were submitted to us. This can also include the data you give us when you subscribe to our newsletters.

Information about competitions, sweepstakes, and surveys, iAs is the case with many digital sites, when you visit or interact with our Services, our third-party partners and we may automatically collect some information from or in connection with your device. Examples of this kind of information include those described below and in the subsections here: including details supplied when you participate in competitions or contests, details contained in any answers provided in surveys or questionnaires, or details contained in any testimonials.

Information On Your Interests, Hobbies, and Other Behavioral Data, such as information about your favorite foods, purchases, or recipes, your consuming habits, and your health and fitness data.

Automatic Information Collection.

As is the case with many digital sites, when you access or interact with our Services, our third-party partners and we may automatically collect some information from or in relation to your device. Examples of this information include the list below and the sub-sections here:

Device information, such as the internet protocol (IP) address, operating system, device type, browser type, and version, browser id, URL entered, referring page or campaign, date and time of visit, other user agent string data, the amount of time spent using our Services, and any errors that may have occurred.

Analytics information, such as the route taken to, through, and after using our services; usage and activity on or in connection with our services; analytics on how many emails we send are actually opened; and which files or links are opened, clicked, or viewed.

How Do We Disclose Personal Data?

The Centralparkwestcafe publishing family’s businesses and brands use the personal data we gather from you. We might also reveal personal data to third parties, like:

Third Parties Upon Your Request: You have the option of informing your friends about your actions on the Services by email, text message, or different social media platforms.

The People: Your information, such as your first name, last initial, state of residence, and your comments, may be displayed on our Services or on our social media pages when you provide feedback or post user content on our Services (for example, if you post a comment on an article or on one of our social media pages).

Why Do We Gather This Data?

We and our third-party partners use this information to tailor the online ads you see to your interests, to more broadly optimize marketing and advertising campaigns, and to deliver services linked to marketing and advertising, such as analytics, statistics, consumer research, and monitoring.

To show tailored advertising to you and other users on these sites, we might also use services offered by third parties (like Google and social networking platforms).

The platform provider may receive your email address or other information from us, for instance via an API, direct file uploading, server-to-server transmission, or by merging our tracking technologies with their platform providers’ tracking technologies (e.g., pixel).

Contact us.

Please send us an email at centralparkwestcafe@gmail.com if you would like more details about our privacy policies, if you have any concerns, or if you would like to file a complaint.