What Is A Flat White Coffee Vs Latte?

What Is A Flat White Coffee Vs Latte? – The Difference Here

What Is A Flat White Coffee Vs Latte? Among coffee drinkers in coffee shops or at home, a latte is a very popular beverage, but have you ever heard of the less popular flat white? If so, do you understand what distinguishes each of these beverages from the others? 

A unique method is what distinguishes them the most. Centralparkwestcafe is prepared to wager that you’ll prefer one of these beverages over the other. To learn which one, continue reading!

What Is A Flat White Coffee Vs Latte?

What Is A Flat White Coffee Vs Latte?

Flat White Coffee

An espresso-based beverage known as a flat white was initially created in Australia and subsequently spread to other parts of the globe. Because it contains both a shot of espresso and steamed milk, it is comparable to a latte. 

These beverages feature the same quantity of espresso drinks but less milk as a latte, therefore they often taste stronger than a latte would. Another methodological distinction gives the flat white its unique microfoam top.


The delightful flavor of a latte is created by the combination of strong espresso drinks and rich milk. Adding heated milk to a traditional shot of espresso creates a latte. Usually, it has a thin layer of foam on top. Lattes are convenient to consume throughout the year since they may be served hot or cooled. 

Lattes’ adaptability is another amazing feature. It’s difficult not to discover one you like because there is such a vast variety of tastes that can be put into them. Due to the development of latte machines, they are currently also extremely simple to produce.

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Technique For Flat White

Microfoam is the flat-white technique’s secret ingredient. Steamed milk that has been slightly aerated to produce tiny, very thick bubbles is known as microfoam. This microfoam is added to the espresso drinks gently until it fills the cup’s last inch or so, at which point it is added swiftly. In doing so, the white dot that frequently graces the top of a flat white is produced. 

Latte art is based on this microfoam technique as well! There are numerous possibilities for flavored flat whites, but most people like them in their traditional form.

Flat White Vs Latte: What Is The Difference?

Flat White Vs Latte: What Is The Difference?

Where is the difference between the two beverages if they both contain either a single or double shot of a strong double shot of espresso and are topped with generous amounts of steaming milk?

Size Matters

The size difference is the first thing you’ll notice. A Flat White should only be about 160 ml, whereas a Latte typically measures approximately 240 ml (this might vary depending on the region you’re in, but it’s a good general guideline).

You must keep in mind that both beverages include the same quantity of espresso drinks, which has a significant impact on the intensity and flavor of each beverage. Flat White is a considerably stronger, coffee-heavy beverage due to the larger ratio of coffee to milk.

The Milk

The details are now becoming more important. that which really counts. An additional layer of foamed milk (about 5mm thick) is now placed on top of the steamed milk when a latte is served. In contrast, Flat White has nothing but a very thin coating of steaming milk on top, giving it the moniker “flat”.

However, it is more complex than that. Although we could go into a ridiculous amount of detail here, the steamed milk used in a Flat White is actually referred to as “microfoam“, which simply means the milk has a much more glossy finish and a velvety texture that is created during the steaming process by allowing tiny air bubbles to form in the milk.

Level Of Difficult

The third distinction between flat whites and lattes is that one is simpler to prepare at home. If making your own flat whites and lattes appeals to you, we’ve included instructions for both.


Making lattes at home is far simpler. Everything you need is hot milk if you have a device for preparing a shot of espresso, like an espresso maker or a Moka pot. Simple stovetop or microwave heating is all that is required for the milk. Making a latte is much easier if you have a frother. 

However, frothers frequently produce a lot of foam. If there is too much foam, you’ll get a cappuccino instead, although you wouldn’t likely be upset.

Flat White

Although it is still doable, making a flat white at home is different from making a latte and is regrettably not as simple. The ideal method for creating microfoam for a flat white is a milk steam wand. 

For quality microfoam, frothers often produce too many large bubbles. Some espresso machine types that you may buy for use at home come with milk steam wands. You can create a flat white using one of these if you’re fortunate enough to have one! To assist you to pour correctly and practice latte art, be sure to invest in a decent milk heating pitcher.

Difference Between Cappuccino And Flat White

Difference Between Cappuccino And Flat White

The difference is in the preparation; the ingredients and cup size are the same. 

The typical ingredients for a cappuccino are a straightforward espresso and two portions of milk froth – a liquid portion and a solid milk froth topping that often reaches just slightly over the cup’s edge. 

Contrarily, a double Espresso Ristretto – a stronger, more concentrated kind of espresso – is used to make the Flat White. The espresso is somewhat stronger when the water and flowtime are reduced. With double shots of espresso, we make the Flat White, although each barista does this differently.

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Iced Flat White Vs Latte

Is there an iced flat white available? Of course, yes.

A flat white with ice is exactly what it sounds like. Two ristretto shots are combined with 4 ounces of chilled milk to create an iced flat white.

An iced flat white contains less milk and a stronger espresso taste than an iced latte.

Some individuals might like this since fewer milk results in a deeper espresso flavor because iced beverages are already diluted by the ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why flat white is the best?

Less foam and milk are used in a Flat White. Microfoam, the type of foam used, features small bubbles, thus the name “Flat White,” and it requires proportionally more coffee than a “Latte” does. A natural, creamy sweetness should be present, and the texture should feel velvety.

Does flat white taste stronger than latte?

A flat white is a stronger beverage with a stronger coffee flavor than milk. Due to the usage of two shots, it may also contain more caffeine than a latte.

Why is it called a flat white?

The flat white got its name from the way Australians referred to their coffee beverages. According to Symons, an espresso without milk is a “flat white,” a standard espresso is a “short black,” and an espresso made bigger by adding hot water is a “long black.”

Which has the most calories flat white or latte?

A flat white made with full-fat milk has 179 calories, but if you use skim milk, the number drops to 93. A cappuccino is comparable, with whole milk having 168 calories and skim milk having 97 calories.

Wrap Up

What then is the secret to the long-running flat white vs. latte argument? 

Because of how they are made and how much milk is used, the flat white and latte differ from one another. Homemade lattes taste better and require less effort to prepare. Flat whites stand out thanks to their distinctive pouring style and minimal milk content, which enhances the coffee flavor. 

Hopefully, after reading this Centralparkwestcafe’s post, you’ll order a flat white the next time you go to your neighborhood coffee shop.

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