What Is Nitro Cold Brew

What Is Nitro Cold Brew? Is Safe for Home Coffee Brewing?

What Is Nitro Cold Brew? Many would argue that “Nobody adds nitro to coffee.” In many cases, this is correct, although it is hardly novel. It’s no secret that coffee shops all around the globe are using nitro to make soft drinks.

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What Is Nitro Cold Brew?

What Is Nitro Cold Brew
What Is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro Cold Brew is a technique wherein nitrous oxide gas is injected into drinks to produce a creamy head reminiscent of beer.

The first impression is one of delightful sweetness, courtesy of the Nitro gas layer. The next level up is a premium Cold Brew blend of 3 different types of beans (coffee, Ethiopian, and Guatemalan). There will be a lingering sweetness and fatty flavor at the back of your throat when the last bite is taken.

Preparing drinks using the Nitro Cold Brew process has become more popular. Because of the extended brewing period, the coffee or tea made using this technique has a low acid and caffeine content, is easy on the stomach, and has a pleasant, mild flavor.

Cold Brew vs Nitro Cold Brew: What’s Is Differ?

Many nations now use cutting-edge techniques of preparation. In particular, the Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew techniques may “transform” ordinary drink tastes into exciting ones.

Cold Brew vs Nitro Cold Brew
Cold Brew vs Nitro Cold Brew: What’s Is Differ?

Then, how does nitro cold annealing vary from traditional cold annealing? Check out the table of differences below here:

Cold Brew Nitro Cold Brew
Explaining the Cold Heat treatment method Typically takes 8-24 hours, Cold Brew is brewed by steeping components in cold or room temperature water. By pumping nitrous oxide into cold brew coffee, a creamy head develops, much like that of beer.
Structure  There is more froth and a thicker topping on nitro cold brew coffee or tea, similar to the foam on top of a beer.
Service Although both types of cold brew are often served chilled, the nitro cold brew is not served over ice (although that may be the case).
Price Nitro cold brew is often sold at a premium above traditional cold brew (to make and buy).

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Origins:

Mike McKim created nitro coffee in 2005 in Texas, USA. This beverage did not become widely popular and well-known until 2012. The fact that this occurred between the rise of coffee powerhouses like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts is a major plus.

Simply said, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is regular cold brew coffee that has odorless, tasteless Nitro gas mixed into it. Beer coffee gets its name because it is made and poured straight from the tap like beer.

It is not uncommon to include gases in cold beverages. Soda pop is buoyed to the surface by carbon dioxide gas. For some time now, nitro has been a standard ingredient in many different kinds of beer. Beers in this category are nitrided rather than carbonated.

The following 2 procedures are used to dissolve N2 gas into Cold Brew coffee.

  • The first is to utilize a nitrogen cylinder; the nitrogen gas will then dissolve the coffee in the high-pressure stainless steel Keg.
  • The second option is to utilize a nitrogen generator, which works by removing nitrogen from the air and combining it directly with coffee.

How Does Nitro Coffee Cold Brew Taste?

The coffee is injected with fine nitrogen and low acidity, much like traditional cold brew coffee-producing processes. 

When you take a sip and taste the unique delicate froth within, you’ll immediately forget about how sweet it really is. 

Foam forms on top of the coffee because nitrous oxide gas is insoluble in water and rises to the top, where it may be slowly absorbed.

Nitro Coffee’s Appearance:

Nitro Coffee's Appearance
Nitro Coffee’s Appearance

Coffee shops have been able to promote and sell more Nitro coffee because of the beverage’s eye-catching appearance. Coffee is served from the tap much like beer. 

On top of that, much as with Nitro beers, the waterfall effect is used to its utmost potential. Layers of gas are created as a result of the flow, which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and likely to draw in clients.

Why Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic Than Ordinary Coffee?

Why Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic Than Ordinary Coffee
Why Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic Than Ordinary Coffee?

Perhaps Nitro coffee would be the ideal option for those who can’t consume regular coffee because of stomach issues like reflux or indigestion. High acidity is due, in large part, to the coffee beans that consumers use to brew their coffee. Coffee with a high acidity level is best brewed with hot water to extract as much of the acid as possible.

Nitro coffee, on the other hand, is prepared in a unique way that keeps the acid content low. From the very beginning, the lower temperature at which Nitro coffee is cooled has functioned as a shield. Reduces the likelihood that greater amounts of Acids will make their way into the drink. The cold brewing method also reduces the bitterness of the coffee. As a result, this is another reason why so many people are drawn to this special blend of coffee.

Should You Drink Nitro Cold Brew Instead of Routine Coffee?

To put it simply, yeah. 

Should You Drink Nitro Cold Brew Instead of Routine Coffee
Should You Drink Nitro Cold Brew Instead of Routine Coffee?

You may find that Nitro coffee is the better decision if you normally avoid coffee because of digestive issues like reflux or indigestion. In contrast, the high amounts of Acid in coffee are caused by the coffee beans rather than the preparation methods. When you pour hot water over coffee grounds, most of the acids will be drawn out.

In contrast, Nitro coffee’s acidity is maintained to a minimum because of its unique preparation process. Right from the first prohibition, Nitro coffee was cooled at lower temperatures, creating a protective barrier. There is less of a chance that significant levels of acids will make their way into the drink. In addition, the process of cold brewing results in a coffee that has a more pleasant flavor. Many people love this distinctive coffee because of this.

Is Nitrogen Safe for Home Coffee Brewing?

Of course, it is.

This coffee is likewise well-liked throughout the globe, but for a different reason: its preparation is cutting-edge.

Since the necessary equipment is still rather costly, there aren’t too many Southeast Asian coffee shops that provide Nitro Cold Brew. You can still make and drink delicious Nitro Cold Brew coffee at home with this helpful idea.

Cold brew coffee may be easily prepared with the help of Hario.

Combine a spritz of new cream with some N2 gas.

Put some Cold Brew coffee in a pitcher and give it a good shake.

Some cafes, especially those on a smaller scale, often operate this way. But I’m still set on brewing some Nitro Cold Brew.

Great Suggestions For You:

If you’re a fan of Nitro Cold Brew coffee, it could be worth it to get the equipment to brew it at home. Investing in a nitrogen tank-equipped ice cream maker is the most cost-effective option. The coffee must be cold brewed at a temperature of at least 4 degrees Celsius before the Nitro gas may be dissolved in it.

To wow your clients with the scent of pour-over coffee, cold brew, and a relaxing latte, you’ll do this first thing in the morning, while they’re still sleeping. I like a cup of my own weirdly flavored coffee and some quiet time to reflect while I’m on my own. Nitro Cold Brew is one such standout.

Another great resource for sipping coffee in the comfort of your own home is nitro coffee which comes in a bottle. To avoid scalding your mouth, pour your Nitro coffee into a cup. Since the foam won’t make contact with the tongue while drinking from a bottle, the smooth, smooth flavor won’t register. Nitro coffee is far more visually beautiful to pour into a cup.

FAQs About Nitro Cold Brew:

FAQs About Nitro Cold Brew
FAQs About Nitro Cold Brew

1. How about milk with your Nitro Cold Brew?

That said, it’s ultimately up to personal preference. 

Naturally, nitro coffee leans toward a sugary and fatty profile. For this reason, many drinkers see no need to add milk. This coffee tastes best with milk or cream added to it.

2. Can you get drunk off of Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee is not alcoholic.

Despite the fact that it does not, many people continue to assume that it does. Because Nitro, a component of certain beers, is used to brew this coffee. Both the texture and flavor of nitro coffee are quite reminiscent of beer.

As a result, many demographics have converted to Nitro coffee thanks to its exceptional flavor. Nitro coffee is an excellent choice if you need a revitalizing boost to get the day started.

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